About Chikuzen

Chikuzen opened in June of 1992. Chikuzen is ideal for parties, couples, meetings, friendly get-togethers with family or friends, as well as celebrations. If visiting Himeji or Himeji Castle, please make sure to make reservations and enjoy the fine Japanese cuisine and relaxing Zen-like minimalistic atmosphere of Chikuzen.



At Chikuzen, only the finest and freshest food such as sea bream, conger eel, and Japanese beef are carefully selected from places like Harima and the Seto Inland Sea. Chikuzen offers an array of authentic Japanese cuisine, such as traditional multi-course meals (Kaiseki), sukiyaki, and shabu-shabu. Chikuzen is a relaxing place to enjoy Japanese hospitality and fine authentic Japanese cuisine for a variety of occasions.

To our customers

Various Japanese style private rooms are available for reservation. A traditional Japanese counter is also available, where skillful master chefs carefully prepare an array of dishes in front of the customer. Please enjoy Japanese hospitality, the view of the garden and the beautiful flowers that are coordinated with each season. Premium award-winning ”Daiginjo” sake as well as locally-brewed sake and shochu are available to go with every type of food and every type of palate.